Why you shouldn't do 5 Days of Change with Sophie

Here are 10 reasons why you do not want to attend 5 Days of Change with Sophie

(The following reasons are numbered for the sake of clarity not by rank of importance – or that would break Access Commandment # 5….)


You learn the 10 Keys to total FREEDOM

They are also called the 10 Commandments of Access Consciousness®. 95% of your problems will go away when you start applying the 10 commandments. And who would you be if you had no problems?

You stop being distracted by emotions

You finally get what emotions like Fear, Anger, Doubt, Love, Sex and many more are all about and how to live your life without being addicted to them. Yep, even Love!

You become a time traveler

You can actually go back and change the past. And you do it with two super heroes of consciousness, POC & POD! You wouldn’t want to change how you felt inadequate your whole life, would you?

You start communicating with your body

You learn that your body is conscious and it actually is the one who wants the money and the sex. You may even be able to change your body since now you are aware of what it requires. Which would mean that having judgments about your body would be really difficult, in fact quite impossible, wouldn’t it?

You learn body processes to change anything

These work also on food and drinks.

Some of these body processes will allow you to stop acting like your mother, to repair a damage done to the body and to boost up the immune systems. Actually, these are only 3 of the side effects of the 5 body processes your learn in these classes.

You get to discover your superpowers

In these classes we acknowledge the talents and abilities you have and they don’t stop at your amazing talent to attract weird people into your life. Think more Harry Potter meets Avatar.

You finally get permission to do 10 things at once!

In these classes, you can text, look up your emails, do this weird thing called “The Bars”, eat candy, drink soda and totally get transformed!!! (OK, that may actually be a reason to attend – sorry it slipped in) You can even sleep through the whole class and have your whole life changed! Who does that?

You talk to ghosts

You learn to recognize entities and how to ask them to leave a house or a body. I mean, you would not want to know that what you knew as a kid was true, would you? :)

You learn to make money from judgement

Yep, can you believe that in those classes they not only give you the tools to get rid of old self judgments but they also teach you how to receive the judgment of others in a way that expands your universe? Unbelievable!

It costs $1400

I mean, let’s face it, you have better ways of spending $1400 than to change your life and the world, right? I mean, are you even potent enough to create $1400? And you wouldn’t want to learn how to create that kind of money and more by talking to the facilitator before class, would you?

Of course, you could always choose to attend, it’s your CHOICE after all!

Yeah, I really wonder what would your life be like in 5 years if you chose these classes….. I guess one way to find out is to go, isn’t it? Now the question is which one will you choose?